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That Look

I just thought back to a conversation I had not too long ago.  It was in the early hours and she was describing the want to drop her life and escape into a world she hasn’t yet explored. She wanted to experience every unknown, and write about every discovery. She wanted to share it with the world. I’ll never forget the look of sincere wonder she had in her eyes and a smile that told me she was embracing the feelings these desires evoked.

I also won’t forget that what she was describing was exactly what I wanted. Though what I wanted wasn’t to go on my own - I wanted to go with her.

I feel incomplete. I need something. I’m not sure what. I’m sure of what I want. I’m not sure if what I want is what I need. I know what I don’t have is what I don’t need. I know what I want is something I don’t have.

Is what I want what I need?