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"Project confidence that you may not have to get the girl, then wait till she wants you to bear your insecure soul."

That’s a lesson I’m regularly taught by women of all types & ages, yet they’re not willing to admit that its true, because that would mean admitting that they’re more shallow than they think they are.

Can we all just agree that the VAST majority of us aren’t enlightened, spiritual beings, but a product of savages that still have those primal instincts of attraction?

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i hope one day i can wake up next to my significant other and cook breakfast for them while they get ready but then interrupt them with oral sex

^^^The kind of thing my dream girl would do.

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To me, true love doesn’t exist. Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist for other people - it does once in a while. But for me to be absolutely in love with a woman and have her feel the same way back is so impossible, it may as well not exist.

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